Hockenheim Historic

Some would say that we would not be driving the Lotus cars of today had it not been for the special combination of F1 Champion Jim Clark, and Lotus founder Colin Chapman.

The relationship started in 1958, Clark went on to win 2 F1 World Championships, and Indianapolis for Lotus, but sadly died in a F2 accident at Hockenheim just 10 years later.

50 Years on, a special commemorative historic race meeting at Hockenheim was a fitting venue for 8 Nyloc crews to show their appreciation.

After an overnight sea crossing from Hull, a mammoth 380 mile drive, and a baking hot day, the only solution was copious beer on arrival at the hotel near Heidelberg. A rest day followed when several went to do the tourist thing in Heidelberg, whilst others took the opportunity of a rapid drive through the local countryside, the smooth, quiet, twisty roads being an ideal playground for a Lotus.

Saturday and Sunday were long blisteringly hot days at the Hockenheim circuit where each day along with the historic racing there was also a round of the Lotus Cup Europe championship. There was a special Jim Clark exhibition, and rarely have we seen so many Lotus cars together in one place.
The return journey on day 5 started wet but soon dried out and as a respite from the autobahns, we took the scenic route past Nurburgring, which seemed to be a fitting end to an amazing long weekend.

Some pictures of the event…