Nyloc Principles and Guidelines

NYLOC – Its Principles and Guidelines for Membership

North Yorkshire Lotus Owners Club (or NYLOC as is commonly known) is a club for Lotus enthusiasts and owners with its roots more offline than online. It was formed in 1998 with the aim that its meetings and events should be just as important as its internet presence. It is a not-for- profit making social car club run by volunteers for the benefit of its members, and has no connections with Group Lotus Plc. We welcome Lotus owners; those considering a purchase and those with just an interest in Lotus. The club naturally attracts more owners of newer Lotus models than classics, but these older models are seriously welcome at our events! Our monthly meetings have been known to attract over 90 Lotus cars during the summer and numbers rarely drop below 20 cars in the winter – many owners still turning up in their Lotus and not their ‘other’ cars. NYLOC attracts members from far beyond the borders of North Yorkshire. The North East, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Lincolnshire are all regularly represented.

NYLOC can be joined by attending one of its monthly meetings, held on the 4th Tuesday of every month (except December) and one or two special events during the year. This prevents the club from becoming just another sprawling, free for all, online forum which would then become largely unmanageable. Subsequent annual renewal of membership can be made without attendance at a meeting, with several options for payment. The club is acknowledged by both Club Lotus and Lotus Drivers Club as one of their regional venues, but NYLOC remains independent and membership of either does not grant membership of NYLOC.

The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March, though this may change in the future to the anniversary of you joining the club. A thread on the forum prompts renewal and you should also receive an individual renewal reminder email. If you have not renewed within a month of your renewal being due, forum access will be restricted. Membership cards are not issued unless a member specifically requests one. There is generally only one “member” per household, but of course spouses & partners are welcome to join in their own right, when they would also receive any benefits and subsidies the club offers towards events.

Just three things fund the club: member subscriptions, monthly raffle, and advertisers. All members, including those volunteers who help run the club, pay the annual membership fee. Advertisers pay a larger fee, but income from this route is relatively small since the forum and website do not generate the traffic to attract such advertisers. Members are welcome to donate items towards the raffle.

The Club is steered by an admin team of up to 10 volunteer members who meet two or three times per year. Whenever necessary other members may be invited to participate. Current admin team members will be listed on the website. No one takes any income from the club, though clearly expenses are covered.

The club is run as a limited by guarantee company, and therefore does not have a share capital. The limited company was set up many years ago in an attempt to help to protect club officials, should any liability or insurance issue ever arise. As a limited company, its accounts are professionally prepared and filed annually. It has Articles and a Memorandum of Association, which are available should any member require to see them. In the event of a winding up of the company, an individual member’s liability is limited to £1.

Whilst the club holds insurance for club officials, it does not hold public liability insurance, so each and every member when they join the club must sign a declaration that they themselves have adequate third party liability insurance cover for any NYLOC activity or event in which they participate. Members are expected to behave in a responsible manner when participating in NYLOC activities, since they are representatives of the club. Members must not act in any manner that could put the safety of club members, nor indeed the public in general at risk. The club does not condone any breach of the Highway Code.

Members are welcome to organise NYLOC events themselves. It is important that those event organisers know if there are any non-members attending their event, since they are not bound by our Principles. Other clubs organising events where NYLOC is invited will have their own responsibilities and may have rules for attendance that we have no control over. It is understood that at times members may attend events in a car that is not a Lotus. Since NYLOC is essentially a Lotus club, priority will be given to those attending in a Lotus and members must respect this stance.

The Club does not condone anti social or abusive behaviour amongst its members that could be illegal or embarrass the club. Any such conduct that could bring the club into disrepute will be investigated and, if found to be true, that member may subsequently have their membership revoked. Members have the right to appeal following such an incident, but any decision by the admin team will be deemed to be final.

From time to time, NYLOC supports up to 2 chosen charities: Martin House Hospice for Children in Wetherby, and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The admin team chooses the charities to support. Neither membership fees nor raffle receipts automatically go into the charity fund.

The club has in the past posted newsletters to members. This stopped since preparation is extremely time consuming and costly, and the forum covers news items and a diary of events. However an email newsletter is produced, inclusion in its distribution list is upon request.

To many the online forum is the heart of the club, and only available to paid up members. It is a place to discuss both Lotus and non-Lotus related issues. It can at times for some people appear to be flippant, but this is the nature of online social networking. It is moderated, and if content is considered inappropriate or defamatory it will be deleted. The forum has its own rules and policies. The club accepts no responsibility for advice or information given on the website or by its members. All contributions to the forum are the personal opinions of the individual members concerned and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club or its officials.

The Buckles Inn will remain our monthly meeting venue for as long as possible. It is reasonably central to all members, and a relatively quiet pub, which means we can take over its huge car park, and meeting room. We have not found anywhere else that fits those requirements.

We would like to encourage newcomers to join, and ask that all members extend to them a warm welcome. New members sometimes feel the club is split into several cliques. This is not intentional, but simply that we have all become friends through our Lotus ownership, and participation in events. Taking an active role in the club, be it attending and/or organising events, and even giving feedback, will ensure the club will flourish and serve its members well.

Your use of the website and forum indicates your agreement to be bound by these Principles and Guidelines.